Monday, March 23, 2015


I've been pretty busy this past week, with lots of school related things, but I did do a little research. I'm hoping that this week will be a little quieter and allow me to get some more things done. I did however find a really cool foundation in the time I had. It's called the LiFe as a Zebra Foundation. It was cofounder by these two women that have not let their invisible illnesses define them. Life as a Zebra has been nominated for multiple health activist awards and one of the founders was a finalist for the WEGO Health Award. At this point you are probably wondering why it is called the Life as a Zebra Foundation. Well, according to the website, doctors are taught to diagnose their patients based on the condition that is most obvious. They say that the idea goes along with the saying, "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” They go on to explain that "The horses are the likely explanation, while the zebras are less likely. A medical zebra, then, is a person with a rare medical condition." The foundation has an awesome saying that they put on their apparel, that says, "zebras have hoof beats too."  I will leave a video below for more about the two women who started the foundation.

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