Monday, November 24, 2014


So I've been looking around for places to buy the materials I need to make the jewelry and I finally found somewhere.  My friend told me that one of the art teachers at south allows students to buy materials from him.  My next step will probably be to go talk to him and see if we can arrange something.
I am still sketching in my book, but it has become harder and harder to come up with new designs.  I now take this book to every class and every after school activity in hopes that when an idea does pop up in my head, I will be able to sketch it out right away.  It really stinks when you have an idea but then forget about it later.
On a completely different note, I saw a really interesting video over the weekend.  It was a sort of trailer before the new hunger games movie.  The one I saw had Harrison Fords voice speaking as the ocean, which explained a lot about how humans really need nature, but that nature doesn't really need humans.  I thought it had a very powerful message, that promotes saving our planet and the environment.  After looking up the video on YouTube, I also found that there were others that included way more voice overs.  There are links down below to each of the videos, so feel free to check them out.

Harrison Ford- The Ocean:

Julia Roberts- Mother Nature:

Kevin Spacey- The Rainforest:

Penélope Cruz- Water:

Ian Somerhalder- Coral Reef:

Robert Redford- The Redwood:

Edward Norton- Soil:

Friday, November 21, 2014


On a project like this it's hard to know where to start.  I chose to begin by researching what other people have done to get their jewelry businesses up and running.  I found some websites that proved useful and they all sort of said the same thing. They recon you should start out by getting a real idea about the concept of your jewelry line as well as start drawing sketches.  So I found a sketchbook and I've been spending my free-time drawing my ideas for the jewelry.  This part has proven really difficult.  It's like I've got some sort of writers block, but for drawing instead, if there even is such a thing.  I did however decide one thing about my jewelry, and that is that I want to make it out of a wide range of materials.  I want each piece to be different and unique as well as interesting to look at.
I'm also still no closer to figuring out how or where I can sell my jewelry and that is sort of frustrating.  I mean, what is the point of designing the jewelry if I have no where to sell it.  Everything is pretty slow as of right now, but I'm hoping things will pick up soon.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


I feel like I should start out by saying hi. So... Hello!  I've never done anything like this before and to tell you the truth it's pretty daunting, but I want to try.  I have never been very good at putting myself out there or being outgoing, but I'm hoping this blog will show a little of the me inside.

I've always been interested in artsy stuff: drawing, painting, crafting, anything like that.  But one thing in particular that really interests me is jewelry.  I'm not sure what it is about it.  Maybe it's the way you can change any outfit with a piece of jewelry or the intricate designs hidden in each piece, I'm not sure, but there is just something about it that intrigues me.  I have a lot of jewelry that I have made throughout the years, but none of it is quite right.  I want to get better at jewelry making, as well as use more sophisticated materials.  I want to make jewelry that looks like the expensive jewelry sold in high end shops. I also want to arrange it into my own jewelry line and sell it.  I'm not sure where I want to sell it yet, but I guess I'll figure that out later.  I'm sure I will start very small, but I'm hoping it will grow.

On a completely different side of me, I love animals.  I just find them all very fascinating.  The exotic animals that you can't find in the U.S. Interest me the most.  I love that baby giraffes stand within an hour of their birth and that certain types of penguins present their chosen female with the prettiest pebble that they can find.  I wanted to include this love of animals in my project somehow so I am going to give some of the money that comes from the jewelry to an organization that protects endangered species.  Some day I want to go and visit and help some of these beautiful animals, but for now I'll have to help in the small ways that I can from afar.